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Supes Talk Produce, Get Meta With Mayor Lee

The recently opened Fresh & Easy in the Outer Richmond

Despite questions on how useful they are, today's Board of Supervisor meeting will include another policy chat with Mayor Lee. Things should be deliciously awkward after last week's Mirkarimi hearing, but we're guessing everyone will play nice and stick to the agenda. The Richmond District's Sup. Mar asks whether the Mayor will support his Fresh Food Retailer Incentives Program, which would provide fresh foods in convenience stores that normally rely on booze and cigarettes for sales. Pilot programs in the Tenderloin and Bayview have been successful, so Mar wants to bring them to the Outer Richmond where he says there aren't enough grocery stores. Supervisor Chiu will ask about retiree health care liability, while Supervisor Campos will get meta and question whether Mayoral Question Time is even worthwhile. He'll propose restructuring the lackluster "snoozefest" as more of a dialogue with follow-up questions...which of course they won't be able to follow-up on in this meeting.
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