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Making Fell and Oak Streets More Bike and Pedestrian Friendly

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Proposed changes for Fell and Oak Streets [Photo: SFMTA]

Today the SFMTA Board of Directors will vote on the Oak and Fell Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Project, a plan that will add separated bikeways, sidewalk bulbouts, and crosswalk enhancements to Fell and Oak Streets. Designed for the area between Scott and Baker Streets where an estimated 1,500 cyclists ride each day, the project aims to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. Opponents aren't happy that the design will remove 55 parking spaces, or about the elimination of the 21 Hayes bus stops at Scott and Broderick Streets, but according to the MTA the parking loss represents less than 6% of the existing parking supply within a 1-block radius of the project area. At today's hearing, SFMTA staff will give a presentation on the plan and give their recommendation for approval.
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