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Got a Renter Horror Story? Curbed Could Pay Your Rent!

San Francisco's full of cramped and leaky studio apartments, six-bedroom flats occupied by twelve messy roommates, slumlords and rent control shenanigans, to name a few. What our rental market doesn't lack is dramatic horror stories. If you've got a good (and by "good" we mean "horrible") renter woes story, Curbed wants you.

Curbed's annual Renters Week is coming up, wherein we shift some focus from buying to renting for five glorious days. We'll be covering everything from vacation rentals to open house tips to pricey and cheap rentals. And, of course, Rental Horror Stories.

Dear readers, please send along your Renter Horror Stories. The rules are simple: we'll collect 'em all and put the best up to a vote. The winner of this site will face off against other worthy Renter Horror Stories from our other city sites in a massive poll hosted on our sister site Curbed National. Then—and here's the big thing—the national winner will claim one glorious month of gloriously free rent funded entirely (and jovially) by Curbed. (Up to $2,500, people—it shouldn't be our problem that some of you choose to pay $10K a month in rent.)

Our tipline's officially open, so send your tales immediately. Then sit back and start dreaming of better days ahead.