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Central Subway Project Gets Slammed with Lawsuit that "Borders on Ridiculous"

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[Renderings via Central Subway SF] "This project has been scrutinized probably more than any project in the country. It's been under a microscope for many, many years," said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. "We're moving ahead." Hot on the heels of announcing yesterday that the Central Subway Project had secured $942M in federal funding, we learn today that yet another lawsuit has been filed seeking to halt construction. The lawsuit was filed by the group, which says that the city charter forbids building a structure on park property without first getting approval from voters. One of the proposed sites for the subway's stations is Union Square. Mayor Lee chimed in to say that the project has drawn past lawsuits but that hasn't slowed down construction. "I think they're somewhat baseless, he said, adding that he thinks the most recent suit "borders on ridiculous."
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