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What's Happening at 811 Eddy?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Do you guys have any idea of what is going on at 811 Eddy? The building has been empty for years but there has been a lot of activity in the last month and now it is wrapped in scaffolding.The building at 799 Van Ness/811 Eddy has long been a vacant remnant of Van Ness' Auto Row, but it looks like it's getting a second wind. Designed by historic starchitect Willis Polk in 1917, it was used for years as a public garage, auto painting shop, and an auto repair shop. Building permits have been filed to fix up the site for an "automobile sales" use, so we're guessing it'll be something like the new Nissan dealership that just rehabbed the Ellis Brooks building at Van Ness and Bush. Permits include complete overhaul of the interiors, ADA compliance, and seismic strengthening - plus new auto ramps, further indicating a dealership of some kind. Readers, any idea who's moving in?
· Van Ness Auto Row Context (pdf) [SF Planning]