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Things are Looking Downright Reasonable in Cole Valley

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It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we look at the lovely neighborhood of Cole Valley. Things have not been cheap around these parts, but we were surprised to find quite a few reasonable options for those looking for a one-bedroom apartment in a really livable, wonderful neighborhood.

First, we have a really nice one-bedroom for $2,475. It's on Frederick and Stanyan, so right by the N-Judah line and on the corner of Golden Gate Park. It's on the top floor and looks to get lots of bright natural light. We dig the high ceilings, built-in storage, and the squeaky clean bathroom. A few weird things: the fridge doesn't look full size and we are never quite sure what to do with those heaters that have been into fireplaces. That said, it's a cute place in a great neighborhood, so maybe you can craft something to make it as adorable as the rest of the apartment. [craigslist]

Next, we've got a one-bedroom for $2,750 on Frederick and Clayton, on the east side of Cole Valley. This still puts you close to the train but more in the family-oriented center of the hood. This unit caught our eye with its gorgeous kitchen, which is open to the living room. It's also got all the appliances you crave: a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, and a free washer/dryer in the garage. The bathroom tile is honestly a little much for us, but it does look recently done so, hey, no mold! There's a shared garden out the back, and parking a few doors down is included in the rent. [craigslist]

Last, we've got a house/loft -- which we hope means no shared walls if you're paying $2,900 for a one-bedroom. It looks light and bright, with a big top floor for the bedroom and an open tiled kitchen downstairs. The downstairs has french doors that open to a courtyard, which may or may not be all yours. No word on parking or laundry. We dig this lovely urban retreat on Shrader at Frederick -- right in the thick of things. [craigslist]

· Frederick and Stanyan [craigslist]
· Frederick and Clayton [craigslist]
· 838 Shrader [craigslist]