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Inner-Richmond Beauty Seeks Buyer/Ballerina

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At first glance, we might think 261 10th Ave. is a well-kept version of the typical Inner-Richmond single-family home. Yet that would only last until we toured the place. Inside we'd find four bedrooms and 3.5 baths, a friendly country-French kitchen (for cooking is light-hearted business), a formal, dark-paneled dining room (for eating is serious business), and myriad windows bathing the hard wood floors with actual light, not just the quasi-religious illumination you see here per HDR photography. But the true bonuses of this 3,300 square foot abode are as follows: 1) the yard, a deep and strangely tropical secret garden and deck for enjoying our current drought in style; 2) a 4-car carport plus a garage; and 3) a lower level apartment with fire place and separate, fully-mirrored ballet studio! Readers, all you need is a pair of toe shoes, a passible gran plie, and now (after a 2nd price reduction), $1,398,000.
·261 10th Avenue [Redfin]