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Pacific Heights: Whose Swags Shall Reign Supreme?

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Over the weekend, a plaintive appeal popped into our mailbox:

Gary Shansby says this is "considered the best building in the city." Could you please identify which building this is?The building in question is 2006 Washington Street- a fact easily confirmed with some skilled googling- and if it's not the best building, it's in the top three. Immediately next door is 2000 Washington Street, also no slouch in the swell department. The 11-unit 2006 looks west onto it's own circular driveway and the Spreckels mansion; south is Lafayette Park and north takes in the bay. Our reader's curiosity was aroused by coverage of Gary and O.J. Shansby's recently renovated apartment in February's Architectural Digest. Thanks to the inherent genius of the Internet (and the inherent goal of repurposing editorial material) AD thoughtfully posted a gallery of before-and-after images of the same apartment published in 1990, some of which are above.
Interior designer Suzanne Tucker and architect Andrew Skurman are responsible for emptying the Shansby coffers into a spectacular Neoclassic version of old-school apartment living. The 1990 version- on which work probably began in 1987 by decorators Valerian Rybar and Jean-François Daigre- was completely gutted. A rectangular vaguely-Venetian foyer became a soberly classic oval, and the '90s heartstoppingly-red library was replaced with sober oak and acquired an apse. 2006 Washington, built in 1924, was designed by architect Conrad Meussdorffer, the man responsible for a number of grand San Francisco cooperative buildings. With two duplexes (we think,) eight full floor units and one penthouse, apartments in 2006 Washington tend to sell for around $8,000,000. Maintenance will set you back about $60K a year.
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[Images 1-11 via Architectural Digest; 12 via Google Street View]

2006 Washington Street

2006 Washington Street, san francisco , ca