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Pacific Heights: Handsome Victorian Takes $650K Off the Top, Maybe, Almost

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Whew, that was fast. Maybe. Paneled, beamed, and wainscoted, 2500 Broadway, the 6-bed, 5-bath house at the corner of Pierce and Broadway went "pending" after a day on the MLS. Which isn't technically correct. It had been originally listed at $9,500,000 on September 16, briefly price-chopped and then de-listed on December 21 (presumably a holiday break) before reappearing on January 16, 2012, then de-listed on January 30, and re-listed January 31 as pending at $8,850,000. Makes one's head spin. But then, so do the grand c.1890s interiors and great views, wrapped up in a wood house designed and painted to look "half-timbered," a picturesque Victorian motif we don't often see in San Francisco. At some point in its past the house acquired an elevator and a garage was converted to a sound studio, plus there's another 2-car garage under a terrace on Pierce Street.
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