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Plaza Restriction Legislation Passes at Supes Hearing

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Supervisor Scott Wiener’s legislation over Jane Warner Plaza and Harvey Milk Plaza was up at today’s hearing, and boy did it garner some interesting discussion. If you recall, the leg would ban sleeping, camping, and selling merchandise without a permit at any time in the plazas, prohibit four-wheeled shopping carts, and ban smoking within the plazas. Violators would be fined in excess of $100. It only made it to the full board by a 2-1 vote at the Land Use Committee (Sup. Mar voting no), and once there, Sup. Chiu added an amendment that got rid of the four-wheeled shopping cart ban. While Weiner assured them that this matched the existing language in the parks code (and “I haven’t seen a lawsuit filed against the parks”), some of the supervisors felt they need to vote on the side of “people who are more vulnerable” to make “our city the sanctuary that it really is." Needless to say, the final vote was split, with 6 supervisors voting in favor and 5 voting against. It passed on the first reading.
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Harvey Milk Plaza

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