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Stow Lake Boathouse Trades Boat Repair for Lattes

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The big design reveal for the much-debated new Stow Lake Boathouse is upon us, and it looks like local food and lattes are in our future. After a slew of epic hearings over the boathouse, Rec and Park awarded the lease of the space to Ortega Family Enterprises from New Mexico, instead of renewing the lease of the previous tenant, who had been there for 68 years. The new operation is seeking to convert the old boat repair area into a sit-down cafe with the help of RIM Architects (who also renovated the Ortega-operated Muir Woods concession shop), but most of the historic character defining features of the Alpine Chalet style boathouse will remain. The new design goes before the Rec and Park Commission's Capital Committee on Wednesday, and if approved, heads to the full commission on February 16.
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