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Toile-decked Condo Seeks Your Fancy Attention

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Today we bring you a 2-bed, 2-bath condo on the tippy top of Nob Hill across the street from Huntington Park and Grace Cathedral. It's listed for a mere $2,750,000 and boasts a very pinkies-up location and some killer views of the bay. Of course, we're not crazy about the HOA at a thumbs-down amount of $2,220 per month, and less crazy still about some of the decor. There's an awful lot of carpet, though it looks to be in good shape, and some seriously questionable window treatments. We can't even bring ourselves to talk about the matchy-matchy toile explosion bedroom and bath. We hope that someone will make like Maria in The Sound of Music and make dresses for the children out of those curtains. What are your ideas for the rest of the decor left behind for the lucky buyer? Please, dear readers, think of the children.
· 1150 Sacramento St #303 [Price Squares]