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Sisyphean Task of "Reviving" Mid-Market

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[Photo via Sergio Ruiz]

As Fair Market Properties goes bankrupt, it joins an ever-growing list of failed businesses the city hoped would be the key to revitalizing San Francisco's Mid-Market area. Today, SFGate reported that "despite some success stories in the neighborhood, which runs along Market Street from Fifth to 11th, Sixth Street - Mid-Market's heart - still struggles with crime and blight," a statement that won't surprise anyone whose ever tried to walk, shop, or eat in that area without fear of death. But how can Mid-Market improve, when tenants keep leaving and developments, such as the much-touted $100 million, 250,000-square-foot City Place complex, keep stalling out? And with a badly needed police substation failing to materialize at 6th and Mission (one of SF's most dangerous, crime-ridden locations), it seems unlikely the "city's heart" can expel its various cancers. What do you say, readers? Can Mid-Market ever be revived?
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