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Alamo Square: The Long Painful Story of the Museum of Carpentry May Be Coming to a Close at $2.4M

Start looking under the sofa cushions for spare change, because you have until 5:00pm on February 12 to submit an overbid on 832 Fell Street, the 7-bed, 5.5-bath, 8-car garage mansion that was looking for $4,000,000 when it was first listed in January, 2011 and is now pending at $2,400,000 and looking for overbids. As the realtor puts it, the grand VIctorian:

boasts incredible, custom crafted enhancements to the original magnificent architecture. But after more than a few price reductions, a year on the market and at least three realtors, it's now in the hands of a U.S. Bankruptcy Court trustee. The location on busy Fell Street is tough, and aside from the plentiful parking, it was the madcap enhancements that really mattered here- the results of a 10-year renovation that incorporated marble and granite in places they may never have gone before. And should never go again. The realtor points out that not all the bathrooms are finished- which maybe a good thing, although $2,400,000 is probably too much to pay to have to back out of a driveway on Fell Street.
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