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Let's Take a Look Inside the $6M Penthouse at 1170 Sacramento

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The extremely swanky 1170 Sacramento building is home to insanely high HOA dues, killer views, and a decorating disaster or two. It's also located directly across from Huntington Park and is on one of the most desirable blocks of Nob Hill, meaning it's a prime piece of real estate pedigree. High atop the building is penthouse B, a lavish 2-bed, 2-bath condo that "underwent an impeccable" rebuild in 2010. It's now on the market for $6,000,000. That's right, folks. A two bedroom for six million bucks. We should also point out that the penthouse is 2,000 square feet, which means that this pad is asking $3,000 per square. We haven't seen a number that high in?probably ever. We did the math for the St. Regis penthouse that sold late last year for $28M, and it's hovering in the $1,400 per square foot range. So yeah, this penthouse is double the price per square foot. Are you still sitting down? Monthly HOA dues are $5,132. All that said, we can't find fault with the interiors of this place. It's absolute perfect. It's gorgeous. We want to live there. Readers, what do you think? Will this opulent penthouse find a buyer? Oh, we should also point out that the wraparound terrace is accessible from every room.
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