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First Phase of Dolores Park Renovation is Approved - Now Comes the Fun Part

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At Monday's Art Commission hearing, the first phase of schematic design for the Dolores Park renovations was approved, meaning the architects can actually start designing the damn thing. Thus far all design has been conceptual, laying out site plans and massing models, and including identified historic features. With this first phase approval, the landscape architecture firm Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey can focus on the details. There shouldn't be an shortage of suggestions - the project team has held seven steering committee meetings and six workshops with the community, discussing everything from dog run areas to toilet design.The commissioners were supportive of the schematic plan, which includes removing the clubhouse and adding a multi-use path along Church Street, a renovated entry plaza that will bring the bell closer to the sidewalk, and restrooms on both sides of the park. Fancy details like green roofs and plaza features will get hammered out in the design detail phase.

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