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Bernal Steep Slope Gets Triple DR Hammer

[Rendering via SF Planning]

San Francisco’s steep hills add a certain topographic charm, but it’s no secret that designing buildings around them can be tricky. That’s why one property owner in Bernal Heights is seeking to subdivide their large yet very steep vacant lot into three single-family homes. The proposal is to construct the three houses on down-sloping adjacent lots, with each building two stories at the street and stepping down the lot in the rear for a total of four stories in the back. The Bernal Heights East Slope Design Review Board isn’t a fan of the plan, and filed Discretionary Review saying the site has insufficient infrastructure, they’ll lose on-street parking, and emergency vehicles will have trouble getting through. The item was continued from November 2011 so the parties could work out an agreement, but apparently those discussions have been limited and there are no proposed changes to the project. The Planning Department thinks the plan is all good, and are recommending not to take the DR and approve it as proposed.
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