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Coming Up Roses: A Rental Search for a Bachelorette

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A few days ago we came across this tweet from former Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, that she is looking for an apartment in the Marina. Well not just any apartment, but the perfect place. Well Ali, as big and shameless fans of the Bachelor, we thought we'd take a look at the apartments on the market and point you to some great ones.
Side note: pickings are seriously slim in the Marina and Cow Hollow.

Our first pick is this 2-bedroom for $3,700 on Union in Cow Hollow. This apartment has some great hardwood floors, a fireplace, and is right by Ali's favorite flower shop from Jake's season. The location is on the quieter side of Union but within spitting distance of Rose's for brunch and just a short walk to the Marina.

Our next pick is further north and closer to Marina Green. This 1-bedroom for $3,195 is on the top floor of a six-unit building. The listing reads like someone got ahold of a thesaurus for the first time ("ideal for the discerning tenant wishing a quiet living environment by avoiding the inconveniences of co habitation hassles" means "hermits who don't want roommates to eat their peanut butter," right?) but the location can't be beat. Additionally, we think we've spotted some yellow tiles in the kitchen, and we couldn't get through this list without something in Ali's signature color.

We also have this 1-bedroom for $2,325 near Fort Mason. This got our attention with the awesome crown moulding and promised LARGE closets. We are seriously bummed it doesn't allow dogs because we can really see a new reality show with Ali, a goldendoodle, and a new set of Bachelors and their trusty canine companions, all set in Fort Mason. You can thank us for that one later, ABC.

Last but certainly not least, one of the less expensive apartments available is also one of the nicest. This top-floor junior 1-bedroom on Van Ness and Union is $1,995. Drawbacks: those are both busy streets, and the bedroom is on the teeny side to be a sexy boudoir. On the plus side, the rest of the rooms look stylish and it's in Cow Hollow, near the Marina, and close to Russian Hill when our Bachelorette feels like a diversion. And it allows dogs and cats... see above.
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