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Contemporary Marina Manse Would Really, Really Like a Buyer

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In April of 1998 145 Magnolia in the Marina was sold for $466,000. It was demolished and a 5-bed, 4.5-bath, 4-level contemporary home was built in 2000. It sold that same year for $2,800,000. Shoot forward to late 2011 and the house was listed for $3,250,000, or $450,000 more than it sold for eleven years before. And it sat on the market. For a long time. No pending sales, but quite a few price reductions. It was eventually delisted. Now it's back with a new asking price, $2,995,000, or $881 per square foot. Fun fact: $881 per square is the neighborhood average. While high end contemporary abodes are not the style most associate with San Francisco's real estate scene, we still think this beauty is quite a looker. Readers, what'll it take for this abode to find a buyer?
· 145 Magnolia [Redfin]