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Ocean Beach Master Plan Seeking Major Moolah from the State

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[All images via SPUR] The long term planning of Ocean Beach could get a boost today, as the California Coastal Commission is considering a funding request for $400,000. SPUR has been leading a master planning effort for Ocean Beach over the past year and a half with funding from federal, state and local sources. The current draft of the plan includes, among many other things, closing the Great Highway south of Sloat Boulevard, rerouting traffic to Sloat and to Skyline Boulevard east of the San Francisco Zoo, plus narrowing the Great Highway to one lane in each direction.

That pretty chunk of change could be used for a traffic study on the impacts of closing down part of the Great Highway, plus the creation of agreements for various agencies to manage Ocean Beach under a single unified vision. It won't cover all the work, with the remaining funds coming from the National Park Service and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, who own the wastewater treatment plant near the zoo.

The Draft Ocean Beach Master Plan will be available for public review on on the SPUR website on January 31, 2012. The public will have until February 20 to provide comments and feedback on the draft plan. The Final Plan will be available on March 5.
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