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Behind Closed Doors: Let's Get the Lawyers Involved

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[Rendering via SF Planning]

The folks behind the drama train known as the potential condo development at 1601 Larkin just won’t quit without a fight. Curbed covered the situation on the corner of Larkin and Clay in Nob Hill in the past here, here, here, oh and here. Long story short, it's a Stanley Saitowitz designed building that would replace a shuttered church in dire need of repairs. The neighbors hated the proposed design, so they got preservationists involved to say the church is historic, and wanted more adaptive reuse alternatives to be considered. The Planning Commission agreed, and didn’t certify the EIR because it didn’t have enough alternative projects analyzed. The developer, uh, disagreed, and sued the city. Tomorrow the commish is meeting with legal counsel "to discuss pending litigation and consideration of settlement proposals". This whole thing is basically Nimbyfest 2009-12. Unfortunately the hearing tomorrow is closed-door, so we can't watch.
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