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The Tenderloin: Zombie Penthouse Returns, Now $5.8M

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Looking for a fresh start with a new look and a new price, the ever-ambitious penthouse atop 631 O'Farrell Street (AKA The Hamilton) is back on the market. A fresh start doesn't mean a renovation, just some new furniture and a little paint. There are some befores-and-afters in the gallery above, and we're glad to report the vintage sepia master bedroom appears to have emerged unscathed. The 3-bed, 3.5-bath full-floor apartment is offered at a whopping $5,800,000 this time around, up from $4,500,000 the last time it roamed the streets looking for brains (the "world-class" penthouse seems to have made it to Poland.) The grand penthouse last sold at the beginning of the millennium for $2,500,000 but most of the classic Art Deco building's 186 units are studios and 1-bedrooms selling for under a more-plebian $400,000.

Monthly HOAs are $4118.24 and include parking for two cars. There's a laundry room, two fireplaces, a built-in barbecue and a fountain, and the listing claims solid bronze window frames and ceiling heights of fourteen to twenty feet. Frankly, that solarium is sweet, but we're just not $5.8M-crazy about the neighborhood. There's some Alexander Hamilton Hotel history- the 1929 building was originally a residential hotel, subsequently catering to theater road companies and airline crews and becoming a condo in 1962- plus a bit of history on this penthouse, a tale of overly-ambitious renovation in the 1960s. The condo's current owner seems to banking on the nearby Mid-Market brain trust to provide a fresh crop of millionaires who want to walk to work. Meanwhile, there's proximity to Saigon Sandwich.
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Hamilton Condominium

631 O'farrell, San Francisco, CA