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Stinson Beach: Reinvented Wurster in Seadrift, $6.985M

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Even ugly oceanfront houses on that private stretch of Stinson Beach sand dune known as Seadrift are expensive, but this beauty has a pedigree- the original version was built in 1962 by Bay Area architecture icon/deity William Wurster as his own oceanfront retreat. Wurster's house burned down in the early part of this century and was respectfully reinvented by TGH Architects- better known to some as Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, the firm founded by Northern California architecture god/icon William Turnbull (think Sea Ranch.) The 4-bed, 3-bath beach shack now meets all coastal codes and probably has better bathrooms, and the owners are looking for $6,985,000 to part with it, although you could rent the place for a mere $8,800 a week. It's been on the market two months. Last December, a 1983 house along the same stretch of beach by quirky Bay Area architecture icon/god Warren Callister sold quickly for $5,700,000 with a pricechop of $750,000 off the original asking price. Despite the Wurster/TGH house's impressive design cred, the current owners have managed to makeover the house like any other pedestrian beach rental but don't seem to have done any actual damage.
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