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Bernal Heights: Zoning for Half-Pipes

[Blue skies on Bernal's North Slope via Bernalwood]

For those of you bemoaning the lack of snow in the Sierras this year, via Bernalwood, news of snow in their own backyard. With this year's (so far) epic 48" snowfall , the Bernal Heights slopes have never been better. Apres-ski dining alternatives have been bumped up with Emmy's Spaghetti Shack's pop-up pasta venue at the new Sutrito Summit Lodge. Plus cocktails. Check out the Ski Bernalwood gallery and their map of the various Bernal pistes. Season passes provide unlimited lift and slope access during normal operating hours- why worry about a five hour drive on a Friday night when you can snowboard on your way to work? They offer doggy day car, but oddly, no mention of bike parking.
· Ski Bernalwood: Snow Report and New Upgrades for 2012 [Bernalwood]