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$17M Off For Prestigious Billionaire's Row Mansion

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Was: $55,000,000
Then: $48,000,000
Then: $45,000,000
Now: $38,000,000
You Save: $17,000,000! 2901 Broadway on Billionaire's Row landed on the market in 2006 with a mind-numbing asking price of $55,000,000. Not a typo, readers. Fifty five million bucks. While the 7-bed, 7.5-bath "Italian Renaissance" manse has highlights like a decrepit outdoor tennis court and a "Curio Room" that used to house the original owner's "extension oological collection," it'd be silly to assume that a buyer would swoop in right away and make an offer, especially since there are plenty of rumors going around that the home is in dire need of repairs. No, the buyer pool for these types of prestigious abodes is quite limited, so it was no surprise that the manse sat the market for quite some time, resulting in several severe price cuts. We should also mention that 2901 Broadway is currently the second most expensive home for sale in San Francisco; it's only $500,000 less than 2845 Broadway, which is currently under construction. Readers, what'll it take for this limestone mansion to find a buyer? Let us know in the comments!
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2845 Broadway

2845 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA