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Mmmmm Donuts... Apple Campus 2 Up For Discussion

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[Renderings via] Today will mark the first public hearing on Apple Campus 2, the proposed giant donut-shaped digs out in Cupertino. First proposed three months ago by none other than Mr. Jobs himself at a Cupertino City Council meeting, the campus would sit on 130 acres and be able to house 12,000 workers. Most visible from the freeway would be the suburban-friendly parking garage - which holds 4,300 cars - and would block prying eyes from seeing the donut from a distance. We'll see if the NIMBY battles heat up as road removals are proposed and Apple gives plans to deal with extra traffic. Can we make a suggestion? Bars on campus would prevent prototypes left out in the wild. iBar? iDrink? iForgot?Leave your best Apple Bar suggestions in the comments.
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