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Board of Supes Meeting Recap: September 6th Edition

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After five weeks off, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors were back in session discussing hot topics like... the installation of a single AT&T antenna. Ok, so it wasn't the most drama-filled hearing ever. Here's the Curbed SF recap of relevant agenda items:

Public nudity legislation
New legislation that would affect public nudity laws was introduced by Supervisor Scott Weiner. He made it clear that this was a “public health initiative” and was in no way a judgement on the appropriateness of public nudity. The new legislation would instill “basic courtesy and decency to fellow citizens” by requiring covering up public seating with a towel or cloth if naked and requiring covering up when entering a restaurant. The Supes will address the legislation sometime in the future, which we're sure will bring some of the best public comments of all time.

Shutting down Sharp Park
Supervisor John Avalos introduced legislation that would shut down the SF-owned Sharp Park golf course in Pacifica and turn it over to the National Park Service. The golf course is home to the federally protected red-legged frog and endangered San Francisco garter snake. Apparently Rec & Park is not at all interested in shutting it down, and Supervisor Sean Elsbernd asked the real question - will NPS allow dogs?!

AT&T antenna at 660-670 4th Street
The item that surprisingly dominated the meeting and took up the most time was an appeal of exemption from environmental review for the installation of some AT&T antennas on 4th Street. A neighbor claimed that the antennas were way too close to his roof deck and would have detrimental effects on his family. A rep for AT&T said they wouldn't. The neighbor said it would. In the end, the appeal was rejected, but the approvals for the project were continued to another hearing. The best part of the whole thing was at the very end when Supervisor Carmen Chu ripped AT&T a new one for not even bothering to show up themselves. Note to project sponsors: it's probably a good idea to go to your own hearing.

Dissolving the “Presidio Neighborhood Representative Work Group.”
Remember when Gap-founder Don Fisher wanted to put an art museum in the Presidio and everyone lost their mind? How can we forget. At the time, the Mayor’s Office created a task force of neighborhood representatives, which eventually took on a life of its own as the epitome of NIMBY supergroups. They tackled such pressing subjects as increased traffic in Seacliff and musuem goers parking on their streets. Well, the museum project died, and so did this task force - the Supes voted unanimously to dissolve it.

Mandan Avenue and a Portion of Cayuga Avenue turned over to Rec & Park
Cayuga Park, near the southern edge of 280, was vacated as a right of way in favor of a park way back in 1946, but apparently it slipped through the cracks and was never transferred from Department of Public Works to the Rec & Parks Department. Whoops! No real harm though, since Rec & Park built it and has been managing it ever since. And good news! Through the 2008 Park bonds, the park is going to be expanded west to include an 8,490 square foot area on Cayuga Avenue, west of Naglee Avenue. It was approved unanimously.

Will the nudists have to carry towels from now on? Is Sharp Park going to the dogs? And what about the antenna?! Stay tuned for next week's Board of Supervisors recap for the dramatic conclusions. - Alex Bevk

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