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Dreams of Victorian Splendor In Peralta Park

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Lauded by the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association as "one of the finest Victorians in the East Bay," 1330 Albina Avenue is one of 13 original Victorians built in 1889 in Berkeley's Peralta Park neighborhood. And the current restoration, a 4-decade project, showcases every original nuance. Indeed, peering inside this 4-bed, 4-bath historic gem is a bit like stepping inside a time machine. Let's don our bustles, corsets and top hats and return to those halcyon days of horse-drawn carriages and courtships forged over dropped linen handkerchiefs. We'll fit in perfectly under the 12-foot ceilings, drinking sherry in the sun-room under a dome of stained glass and learning to paint like Renoir in the artist's studio perched atop the house for the best bay views. We'll dine like aristocrats in the formal dining room, dark wood paneling and floor adding gravity to our witty repartee. After, we'll repair outdoors, brandy and cigars in hand as French doors leading to tiled terrace and lush garden complete the fantasy. Sadly, fantasy it will stay, unless you have $2,500,000 to spare. And a bustle.
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