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Outer Sunset: Fixer Brings In 31K Over Asking Price

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[1218 44th Avenue via Google Streetview]

Price a property correctly and it will sell. Priced perfectly, it will sell for over the asking price, as in the case of 1218 44th Avenue, the 2-bed, 1-bath fixer with a huge yard that went on the market in late June for $399,000 and closed escrow yesterday for $430,000. In the family/surfer/hipster-friendly Outer Sunset, the listing garnered some comments, including one from the realtor complaining about our 300K estimate for a stylish renovation:

You obviously don't understand the demographics of the Outer Sunset or what construction costs are. $300,000 worth of construction costs??? I will have multiple offers tomorrow. Thank you, Kevin Birmingham (Listing Agent).We're not sure what he means by "demographics" but in a city as politically correct as San Francisco, it sounds like code for something. As for construction costs, when you factor in all the associated expenses of renovation in this town, we'll stick to our number if it's all done with permits. Plus wonder if 1218 44th Avenue has a future date with Planning Commission staff. Kudos to all- to Kevin for getting a great price for his client and to the buyer for snagging a house in a great location- for under $500K.
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