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Laying in the Haight

Behold: a bed in a parking spot at Haight and Cole streets. But wait! It's no ordinary bed. 29-year-old Bennet Austin has set up the bed in a parking spot in an effort to raise awareness for the Homeless Youth Alliance, a "non-profit that provides showers, doctor visits and places for homeless kids in the Haight to temporarily get off the streets." Apparently the non-profit has seen a shortage of funding, so Austin set up the bed along with a donation jar so folks walking by could help out the cause. Is putting a bed in a parking spot legal? Technically it is, so long as the meter's paid. However, the cops say he could still be cited for violating the sit/lie ordinance. San Francisco (and the rest of the world) need more people like Austin. [SFist/photo via Nicole Harvey for SFist]