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The Mission: Ballerinas Still Arguing About Parking

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On the agenda today at the Board of Supervisors: approval of the deal for the city to buy a parking lot in the Mission from the SF Public Utilities Corporation, partly with federal funds- to build a park, and at some point in the future, affordable housing. The park has been years in the planning, and at zero hour, people in the neighborhood are still arguing about parking. Local merchants say they'll suffer. Medical staff from the Mission Neighborhood Health Center say they need parking. Most vocal of all is the ODC dance center, which claims 23,000 students take classes each year at their facility- something of a stretch, statistics-wise- and cite "safety concerns." On the flip side, neighbors complain about ODC parents double-parking and blocking driveways, and last April, the president of the ODC board filed a Discretionary Review in an attempt to stop the park. He lives in Pacific Heights. Our friends over at SF Appeal have a poll, and if you have an opinion, let us know in the comments.
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