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Bursting Pipes, Oh My! But Who Should Foot the Bill?

The folks over at the SF Appeal have asked for your answer to an important question: Should the City reimburse homeowners for plumbing destroyed during wireless water meter installations? Of the 58,000 or so San Francisco homeowners who have had a water meter installed on their property, 45 cases have been reported of water pipes bursting during the wireless meter installation. Fixing the problem is costly, and it seems like the City doesn't want to foot the bill, and neither does the contractor that was hired to install the meter. The water department told ABC7 that "homeowners will have to pay for any damages to a pipe on their property unless the contractor did something wrong," but some seem to feel that since it's the contractor and the SFPUC making the determination, the game feels rigged, reports SF Appeal. "I think it's unreasonable to say that it's not their fault and that we should stand the entire cost," said John Lubimir, a property owner who filed a claim against the city for $5,800 that he had to pay for a new pipe and concrete after one burst in his rental home. Cast your vote over at the SF Appeal.
· Poll: Should SF Reimburse Homeowners For Plumbing Destroyed During Wireless Water Meter Installations? [SF Appeal]
[Photo via Stuart Dixon]