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Proposed Alcatraz Improvements Would Allow You To Sleep Over (If You Meet the Requirements)

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[A Piece of the Rock via Chris Saulit. Click photo for a larger view]

Alcatraz is looking to get some upgrades so that more of the island can be accessible to visitors. Golden Gate National Recreation Area spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet said that the organization's plan has some ideas that would provide direction for the island for the next 20 years. "To better reveal the early military prison period, the guardhouse could be restored by removing the later boathouse addition," the GGNRA document said. "Other areas would be rehabilitated for visitor services and administrative functions and could include modest dorm-like over accommodations for participants in education, conversation, and stewardship programs." Another plan would give visitors the ability to explore the Parade Grounds on the southeast end, but that's already being met with opposition. "We do not encourage expanding to open concessions or overnight stays," said Norren Weeden of the Golden Gate Audubon Society. "When birds have access to human food, it can create problems. Some birds are very clever and learn to take advantage of human food." The draft document is available for public comment through Nov. 7. A final version is expected to be completed by spring and presented to the GGNRA’s regional director for approval by next fall.
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