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San Francisco Planning Commission Weekly Meeting Recap: September 22nd Edition

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Yesterday’s Planning Commission hearing was choke full of projects, but light on the drama. Let us update you on the most interesting items:

First up, the city gave an informational presentation of the draft Glen Park Community Plan, with recommendations to deal with issues with transit & circulation, mega infrastructure, and development concerns. The plan aims to minimize the impact of San Jose Avenue (which Commissioner Miguel paralleled to the Embarcadero for bisecting the community), create a greenway connecting the commercial corridor to Glen Canyon, and talks about future plans for development on the BART parking lot. Miguel ripped BART a new one for not being more involved in the planning process, saying it’s a “big disappointment they’re still sitting on their ass." The Plan (PDF warning) adoption hearing will be in November.

Supervisor Kim proposed amendments to the existing 1996 Mission Alcoholic Beverage Special Use Subdistrict, which currently prohibits new places serving alcohol, other than bonefide restaurants and non-profit theaters with live actors. The amendments would allow “bowling alleys” to serve beer. The Roxy Theater jumped on board and persuaded them to add “single screen theaters” to the exceptions too. Supervisor Kim even showed up to slum it and explain the legislation to the commission. The amendment was approved unanimously, so now beer + bowling + movies! Hooray!

In Act XXXVII of “San Franciscans Hate Wireless Antennas”, neighbors showed up in droves to oppose six new AT&T antennas to be located inside an existing church steeple on 2041 Larkin Street. There was lots of public comments saying that the cell phone coverage is fine and that the church isn’t seismically sound enough to hold antennas. Com. Miguel basically said tough luck, Department of Building Inspection deals with seismic issues and it doesn’t matter that your cell phone gets reception, it’s all about data transfer (so thank smartphones and iPads for your trouble). It passed unanimously.

Because nothing screams 21st Century development like construction of a cathedral, a new 50-foot-tall cathedral with a dome was approved for 275 Valencia Street. Don’t expect anything avant-garde or super modern - Commissioner Antonini loved that it was a traditional Mission Revival style (“birds won’t fly into a bunch of glass!”) and Commissioner Olague liked that the mural planned wasn’t done by an artist who shoots dogs (zing!) - Alex Bevk

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