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Medieval Times in Forest Hill

Sometimes we come across a listing and have to do a double or triple check that it's not somewhere far outside of San Francisco. This 3-bed, 2.5-bath is in the "Medieval English Tudor" style, and is located in Forest Hill, where it turns out you'll pay $425 per year for the honor of joining a Homeowner's Association. The interior has a step-up dining room -- the classy answer to the sunken living room -- and more wood trim than you can shake a stick at. Things have been neither aggressively updated nor left in their original condition -- we're guessing a renovation happened at least ten years ago, but the home looks well cared for. We love the minty green bathroom and the lush "whimsical walk-out" backyard. For $1,595,000 you get almost 2,500 square feet of Medieval Suburban Whimsy -- will you be storming this castle in the near future?
· 400 Castenada Ave [Redfin]