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Sound Sculpture To Be Installed at the To-Be-Built North Beach Library

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The public comments are in and it looks like San Francisco sound artist Bill Fontana (and North Beach dweller) is the crowd favorite for the public art installation at the to-be-built North Beach library. Fontana's "sound sculpture" beat out two other finalists at the Arts Commission's Visual Arts Committee meeting Wednesday. "I am excited by the win and the fact that this permanent sound sculpture will also be there for my children growing up in North Beach and they will have this kind of legacy in that community," Fontana said. The artist proposed to build small weatherproof loudspeakers that will be embedded in the overhang (soffit) that surrounds the new library. They will play a changing mix of sounds that are taken from environmental, historical, cultural and social situations in the surroundings of North Beach and its adjacent communities. "The presence of the sounds will create an evocative dream like sonic atmosphere around the building that will interact with people passing by or entering the library," he wrote in his proposal.
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North Beach Branch Library

2000 Mason St., San Francisco, CA 94133