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Cow Hollow: Tough Love For Transitional Housing

The Edward II Inn, Lombard & Scott Streets [Photo Credit: SF Appeal]

Young people get out of jail. They get out of foster homes, and they get out of drug rehab. Since they often have no place to go except the environments that got them into trouble in the first place- just like Lindsay Lohan- the city's trying to provide supportive housing. Not surprisingly the neighborhoods where these well-intentioned projects are planned are not always cooperative and welcoming. It's happening in the Mission, and it's happening in Cow Hollow, where neighbors are fighting a Special Use District (aka "spot zoning") to renovate the former bed & breakfast known as the Edward II Inn on Lombard Street to house young adults.

The gist of their argument is that the planned facility is conceptually flawed, not unwelcomed, and they're looking for changes. Unlike the planned Albion Street facility where neighbors seem to feel their way of life is under siege. Another planned facility at 800 Presidio Avenue is in flux over density and height limits; the city hopes to have 500 units of supportive, affordable housing for transitioning young people by 2016.
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