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Get Your Beaux Arts On in the Tendernob

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Was: $948,000
Now: $895,000
You Save: $53,000 There's a 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,753-square foot condo in the Tendernob's Begravia building (that would be 795 Sutter). Please squabble over the location in the comments; we're sticking to the Tendernob. The condo landed on the market a mere 34 days ago, and has already taken a little more than fifty grand off its asking price. We're going to just say it: this condo is stunning. It's not over or underdone. It's just perfect [Ed. note: for me]. The only fault we can find with it are the fees. Monthly HOA dues are $798 and leased parking for one car is $280. We also understand that some people might not be fond of its close proximity to the Tenderloin. This condo is not for them. What say you, dear readers? Will this condo sell for its current asking price? Or should we expect another chop? Oh, we should also bring up that there's a "guest apartment" for residents' "out of town guests."
· 795 Sutter, #203 [Redfin]


795 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109