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Uh Oh: Is Dolores Park a Historical Landmark?

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[Home of Peace Cemetery, looking east from Church Street, 1880 via]

A draft of the Historic Resource Evaluation Report on the history of Dolores Park may spark the imagination and send San Franciscans back to years past, but could it extinguish the renovation plan that is already well underway?

The project plans have already been complicated by neighborhood resistance, questions about how wide the ADA actually requires access paths to be, and even the possibility of disturbing undiscovered graves that may not have been removed when the park was converted from a cemetery. But just because something is listed on the National Register doesn't mean changes have to be approved by anybody. It's an honorary list, and has no regulatory power. - Cole Armstrong
· Dolores Park: An Historical Landmark? [Mission Loc@l]
· Mission Dolores Park Historic Resource Evaluation [PDF]