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Perfect for the Whole (Royal) Family

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Built in 1902, the historic Hellman Mansion offers a behemoth example of Classical Revival designed by Julius Krafft. We shall not be surprised to find this estate located at 2020 Jackson Street, at home among other (e)stately structures, but this 8-bed, 7-bath manse has other ways to surprise us. First, its pure grandeur: four levels, each accessible by elevator, each seeming to have required the felling of an entire forest to cover its beautiful bones. Every available space (11,500 square feet, to be exact) has been appointed as if the Queen--circa the Elizabeth/Princess Diana years--will return at any moment to rest her royal feet on one of many giant ottomans. The baronial feeling continues on each terrace, upon the double winding stair, hearth-side the 7 fireplaces, not to mention in the “au pair suite, main and catering kitchens, media room, family room, wine cellar, salon and library.” And how about the religious/Shakespearean experience going on in the dining room with round table? Knights not included, so bring your own. Oh yes, and $20,000,000.
· 2020 Jackson [Redfin]
· Julius Krafft, architect [Word of Buildings]