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Appreciating the Tenderloin's History

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The Tenderloin! It's rich with history. And now, nine plaques are being installed on historically significant buildings to mark their importance. Back in 2010, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom said "these plaques give the community defined boundaries and a positive identity. By revitalizing a rare urban neighborhood, we get more foot traffic, which means safer streets, more successful businesses, and the Tenderloin receiving a greater share of The City's trade." Plaques are being installed at the site of the Blackhawk Jazz Club, California Labor School, B-nai B'rith; The Arcadia Dance Pavilion and Downtown Bowl, Gene's Compton Cafeteria, Screen Room, Original Joe's, Wally Heider Recordings and Blanco's Cafe and Sally Rand's Music Box.
· Marking the Tenderloin’s historical side [SF Examiner]
[photo via derek 4fifteen]