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Board of Supes Meeting Recap: September 13th Edition

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Maybe it was that brief stint of sun the other day, or maybe the new hearing room is throwing them off their game. Whatever the reason, the supervisors were punchy yesterday afternoon. Before the meeting even started, Supervisor Sean “rapidly becoming the most entertaining” Elsbernd placed a napkin on Supervisor Scott Wiener’s seat and then everyone erupted into bizarrely long-lasting giggle fits when the clerk forgot to call Supervisor Mar during role call. Those wacky Supes!

But then s**t got real when Mayor Ed Lee popped in a for a some totally scripted and "informal dialogue" in response to some previously submitted and pressing questions from the Supervisors. The whole exchange was like an awkward table read for the most boring television show of all time, but the Mayor did manage to provide some details on some building projects.

Supervsor Elsburnd asked everyone to “move away from cliches and one-liners of campaigns” (zing!) and questioned the status of the new Central Subway project, which is apparently scheduled to start tunnel construction later this month. The Mayor also mentioned the public concerns over structural and electrical stability of Pier 38, which they are “looking into”.

Perhaps the best exchange was when Sup. John Avalos called out how scripted the whole Q&A was, to which the Mayor responded “my answers may not make great for blogs... but I'm not here to make headlines." He then invited Avalos to play ping pong at this weekend's Chinatown (walking only) Sunday Streets Ping Pong Diplomacy tournament, to which Avalos claimed he used to worked at the Boys & Girls Club and played ping pong every day. Sensing things heating up, Board President David Chiu decided to fuel the flames and shouted “GAME ON EVERYBODY!” Indeed!

So what actually got accomplished during the hearing? Oh...well, the U.S. Navy’s Treasure Island Master Lease was amended, the move to renew and expand the Fillmore Community Benefits District was continued (but not without a lot of heated public testimony), and the appeal over conversion of the Edward II Inn in the Marina into affordable group youth housing was also continued. Last but not least, Sup. Eric Mar called for a hearing to address neighborhood concerns over large events in Golden Gate Park, like Outside Lands and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. He then went on to say how awesome the Bluegrass festival was going to be this year and awkwardly listed all the bands (try listening to him say the name “Zigaboo Modeliste - King of the Funky Drums” without giggling - we dare you). - Alex Bevk
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