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Prime Piece of Nob Hill Tail Gets Sent to the Chopping Block (Again)

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Was: $7,250,000
Then: $6,950,000
Then: $5,995,000
Now: $5,495,000
You Save: $1,755,000 1001 California, the famed Beaux-Arts residential building high atop Nob Hill, has a full floor apartment for sale on the third floor. The unit, a 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 3,640-square foot condo, was first listed back in late 2009 with the jaw-dropping asking price of $7,250,000. Pair that with the monthly HOA dues of $5,886 and the leased parking fee of $325 and we're ready for our morning martini, thank you very much.

A history: back in the 90's the apartment was gutted and remodeled by architect Andrew Skurman and interior designer Suzanne Tucker. They did such a good job glossing the place over that it actually got a spread in Architectural Digest, the magazine for rich old people.

Property highlights include a dining room with lacquered walls; the most insane and ornate half bathroom we've ever laid eyes on, and a master bathroom that's dripping with so much opulence that it won a Bathroom of the Year award. Property lowlights include paying $5,495,000 for a two bedroom apartment and that damned pot rack in the kitchen. This is San Francisco, the last thing you need in the event of an earthquake is to worry about a damn copper pot landing on your head.


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1001 California

1001 California Street , San Francisco, CA