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Albion Neighbors Aren't Pleased With 15th Street Group Housing

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Neighbors of the Mission's 15th and Albion streets are going batshit crazy over a purposed development at 1731 15th St. Calling themselves aptly "Albion Neighbors," the group stands against a plan "to develop a high density (52 room) SRO style 'Group Housing' facility" which more than double previous density. Albion Neighbors' main complaint is that a building permit has already been issued to the building's owner without broad notification (the group claims only one homeowner received notice) or request for community feedback. "The owner failed to engage the community despite having owned the property for over a year, showing total disregard for both residents and businesses in this fragile but emerging neighborhood," Albion Neighbors writes on its blog. The next Planning Commission Hearing is this Thursday, and the Albion Neighbors are currently seeking other members of the community who'd like to go on record about their outrage.
· Albion Neighbors [website]
· Planning Commission [website]

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