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Take a Look at Some of the Most Expensive Properties in SF: Billionaire's Row Edition

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It's been too long since we've visited the pedigree properties of Billionaire's Row- the stretch of Broadway between Lyon and Divisadero that's home to some of San Francisco's grandest homes and wealthiest occupants. Let's take a look at four of the abodes that are currently listed on the MLS.

2901 Broadway
The deets: 7-bed, 7.5-bath; unlisted square footage. Currently asking $45,000,000, though once was asking as high as $55,000,000. On the market since 2006. Property highlights include bragging rights since the manse is a former San Francisco Decorator Showcase; decrepit outdoor tennis court.

2950 Broadway
The deets: 6-bed, 6-bath; 11,000-square feet. Currently asking $33,900,000, and was previously listed for $39,500,000. On the market just over a year. Property highlights include a 3,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and a heated and outdoor pool.

2701 Broadway
The deets: 7-bed, 7-bath; 16,400-square feet. Currently asking $32,000,000. Property highlights: Corner mansion that was completely rebuilt and restored in 2002; has indoor basketball court and elevator to all five levels.

2808 Broadway
The deets: 4-bed, 7.5-bath; unlisted square footage. Currently asking $25,000,000. Property highlights include six wood-burning fireplaces; solarium with sun deck and hot tub; 2800 Broadway as your "bigger sister."