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Bernal Heights Beauty Hits the MLS

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176 Tiffany in Bernal Heights is on our very short list for Most Charming House (For Sale) of 2011. The 3-bed, 2-bath single-family Victorian offers up all sorts of wonderful period details like decadent moulding throughout, intricate hardwood flooring, tall ceilings and a garden patio. The last time it sold was in 2004 for $800,000. How much is it asking now? $899,000. We wish Shabby Chic were still around, so we could fill this abode up with plush, oversized white linen sofas and distressed cabinetry. What do you think, readers? Are we too in love with this Bernal Heights manse? Also worth noting: there's 2-car (tandem) parking in the garage.
· 176 Tiffany [Redfin]