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First Draft of the Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan is Out

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[Dolores Park rehabilitation plan, first draft. Photo via Dolores Park Works]

The much anticipated arrival of the first-draft of the Dolores Park rehabilitation plan is out, and for those of you who are deeply concerned about the future of the park or just want to make sure there is a place to drink in public at 11am on a Tuesday, this is the most exciting thing to happen since the sun came back out. Details of the plan include minor border adjustments along the tenuous boundaries between the Gay Beach, the playground, Hipster Hill, Tallboy Terrace, and Dog Downs. Such adjustments will always meet backlash among the entrenched microcultures of the park, but by far the most controversial decision so far is the creation of a bike polo court.

Another major change is the installation of a soccer field that'll take up most of the flat northern end of the park. The catch? It will be closed from 3-6pm most days for youth soccer practices, and possibly for two months a year for maintenance. Stay tuned to find out if this encroachment will cause some fuss among the bocce, croquet, and cornhole/bean bag toss constituencies. - Cole Armstrong
· New Dolores Park Plan Features Huge Kids' Soccer Field, Slightly Smaller Gay Beach [SFist]