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Me-YOW: Clinton Mews Condo Up for Grabs

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Our snarky little hearts of stone were warmed this morning when we saw this little beauty go on the market and had nary a mean thing to say about it. A 2-bed, 1-bath condo for $625,000 is hard to find in the central neighborhoods, and this one has about everything we could ask for, including an attached garage. HOA are $295, and include grounds maintenance and earthquake insurance, which seems quite reasonable to us. The three-floor townhouse is a little narrow in parts and probably involves a lot of trips up and down stairs, so we wouldn't recommend it for those with small children or, in some cases, a penchant for sky-high stilettos paired with frequent martini drinking. We are terrified of the lofted desk in the bedroom, but it could make a neat little nest if you can ever find a way to get up and down. A few quirks in this nugget, but we think it could make a great home for Stairmaster-addicts.
· 170 Guerrero Unit J [Redfin]