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Nearly Four Bedrooms For Under a Million

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It's not every day that we find a four bedroom Victorian condo for under a million bucks. Let's talk stats. The 4-bed, 2-bath, 2,020-square-foot top floor abode is asking $949,000, or $470 per square foot. To be fair, the condo really is a three bedroom, with a small room being used as an office but being advertised as a bedroom. Everything's fine and good with this property. The current owner recently made many improvements, including new electrical throughout, recessed lighting, wired networking, double pane windows and installed closet organizers. The kitchen has no shortage of storage, as we counted at least 32 cabinets or drawers in the photos. Monthly HOA dues are $250 and there's 1-car parking if your car is a compact vehicle.
· 1673 Bush [Redfin]