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And How Do You Feel About Being Watched While Riding Muni?

Muni's going to get some new cameras! Because riders are often concerned about the abundance of broken onboard cameras. The agency received a $6 million Federal Homeland Security grant, and plans to "finally lick the persistent issue of broken onboard cameras," SF Appeal reports. The SF Examiner tells us that the grand will add high-tech cameos to 358 buses, as well as wireless networks, computers, and servers to three bus yards. The SFMTA will be able to view, download and store videos wirelessly as well as view them in real-time. However, some groups are worried that riders' civil rights might be violated. SF Appeal has a poll asking readers if they'd be "comfortable with the technology Muni will be installing on its buses as a form of security and surveillance." Cast your vote today.
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[Photo via AgentAkit]